I’ve had this photo idea in my head for a few weeks now, and last night I decided to put it all together and photograph it. It took longer than a “normal” food shoot, since I was using a strobe as my light instead of natural window-light, but the part that took the longest was trying to arrange all of the lights in the background (my “bokeh” lights) so they fit well into the background.

The neatest thing about this is that it turned out exactly as I pre-visualized, which is always a treat.

The equipment used was an Alien Bee B1600 at the lowest power setting for the main light with a medium-size octabox, reflector on the left clamped to a tripod (gold-ish side facing the subject), a Canon 7D with a 70-200 f/4L IS (zoomed in to 200mm for all images), exposure set at 1/250th second at ƒ/5.6. I found the bokeh-lights at Hobby Lobby and strung them across a boom-stand. The background is a pop-up black/white reversible backdrop … I don’t use it too often but it worked perfectly for this setup.