I’m not really “big” on New Year’s resolutions … I think it’s great to have a fresh start and try new things, but when I think of the word “resolution” it makes me think of things that I would like to change, fix or do differently. Yeah, I have some things that I want to improve on (like make good use of my 24-hr Fitness membership) but most of the things I have in mind for this year are goals I would like to accomplish over the next 52 weeks.

One of the big ones is finding a good studio to rent. It’s something I have never had before (aside from setting up my lights and using my garage or living room space) and now that I’m in a fixed location it’s time I put some roots down in a “real” studio. The good news is that just a few days ago I found a place that might open up in a couple of months … and everything about this space is golden. I’ll write more about it as things progress (cross your fingers for me!).

Another important goal of mine is to do a lot of planned photo-shoots and upload like crazy to iStockphoto. Until I have a dedicated studio space and/or the weather gets nicer (no snow) I have to put most of them on-hold, but I have a whole list of food setups I plan on setting up and shooting to build up my food photography portfolio.

My last “big” goal is to blog frequently and try to do more photography/Photoshop tutorials, behind-the-scenes and “before & after” posts. I know that a lot of you really enjoy that stuff, and a huge part of the reason I have an internet-presence is to help out my fellow photographers as much as I can. I really appreciate all of your feedback and comments … and if there’s anything you’d like to see here on my blog then please feel free to let me know!

Happy 2010, everyone! :)