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4169708859_55c34bb163_oCanon 7D, Canon 24-105 ƒ/4L lens, 1/100th sec at ƒ/4, ISO 400

Photography is definitely my favorite thing to do (for both work and play), but my next favorite thing is knitting – I guess you could call it my favorite hobby. It’s very relaxing to sit next to a fire, watch TV and knit … and thankfully my cat is unusual in the fact that he doesn’t chase after my yarn. :)

It’s definitely nice to be somewhere cold again, so I can actually wear the things I make – the scarf in the above photo is my most recent and most favorite thing to wear out in the cold (and inside my freezing house). I think I’ll make an effort to photograph all of my future knitting creations; there’s just something about the texture of the yarn that cries out to be photographed. Plus, it might make a cool wall decoration one day to hang a photo-collage of all my projects.

One way I’ve worked this hobby into my photography is by bringing some of the hats I’ve knitted along as props when I photograph people, especially little kids. The hat in this photo is one of my favorites. The colors and textures can add so much to an image, plus it keeps their little noggins warm. :)

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  1. seisseten December 11, 2009 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    Stunning – very awesome matter. I will blog about it also.

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