3690911183_e54081bf0c_oNikon P5100 (hand-held), ISO 64, 4 seconds @ ƒ/7.6

I decided to go “low-key” this year for fireworks and not take any “serious” photos. This is the first time in over 10 years that I have attended a fireworks event and not lugged my SLR, tripod, and whatever else I need to get good fireworks photos. So what did I do? Well, let’s just say I didn’t follow any of my own advice from a recent blog post I wrote about photographing fireworks. I went old-school and used a hand-held point-and-shoot camera, and even used one of the fancy preset “fireworks scene” modes.

I’m sure that I would have taken some nicer photos with my SLR & tripod (note the mini-squigglies in the trails), but this year I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the show … or just sit around and be a goof-ball most of the night (as Rich Legg managed to do quite well as seen in this photo). ;)


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