A recent article on TWIP inspired me to blog about my own “Photo of the Year”.  This was a photo I took of my husband, who doesn’t really like to be photographed, so I guess in a sense I was lucky to get it!  (He doesn’t really mind when I use long lenses, though … this was taken with my Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, so I was pretty far away.)

I actually took it because I was attempting to do the “Project 365” on Flickr, where you take a photo every day for a year.  I got close, but so many things were going on in my life, and even though I was taking the photos I never had time to process them.  So, I stopped … but it was definitely an experience that was worthwhile!  Not only did I get several amazing photos that I wouldn’t have taken (here’s another example, a photo of my cat) I was really inspired to get out and take more pictures!  I still try to take photos every chance I get, even if it’s just with a Point-and-Shoot.

I live by the philosophy of “practice-makes-perfect”, and even though I will never be a perfect photograher (I don’t think that exists!) I do belive that you can only get better at something by doing it over and over.