I developed my passion for photography 12 years ago (in high school).  Back then film was really the only way to do photography (for an amateur, at least).  Digital was very new, very expensive, and I can even remember thinking at one point “I’ll never switch to digital!”.  I was in love with the darkroom … I even had one set-up in my parent’s basement!

Then, about three years ago, I decided to try out digital.  I’m not sure why, I guess it just looked like fun.  Then I found iStockphoto, and my knowledge about photography and Photoshop skyrocketed!  Aside from my high-school classes and some OJT at a photo lab, I’m an entirely self-taught photographer and Photoshop user.

This semester I decided to use my GI Bill to take some photography classes, just for fun.  I’m in a B&W (darkroom) class, portrait, documentary, and digital class.  The first day I walked back into the lab was so nostalgic!  The strong smell of the chemicals … so many wonderful memories.  After using my trusty Pentax K1000 for the first time in about ten years, processing film, and making a few prints I am starting to remember and relive that passion, the same passion I started with.  I love film photography and always will.

It’s really unfortunate that there are many people who have never experienced the basics of B&W darkroom photography.  It’s also very unfortunate that some people don’t want to have anything to do with digital photography!  In my opinion film and digital are very different, but both are still photography and both have their place.  It’s kind of the difference between oil paintings and watercolor paintings … both are still paintings, and both are still art.  I will always have a true love for both film and digital, and I’m very glad that I am able to have the opportunity to rediscover photography, again.