What a week!

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This has been an amazingly crazy week! Saturday was Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, which I participated in up in San Jose. That alone was a wonderful, full day of meeting new photographers and running around with a camera, asking several random people if I could photograph them! (One of my photos was even selected as the winner in San Jose.) Just this morning Scott Kelby himself announced the grand-prize and runner-ups … click here to view ALL of the amazing photos selected as winners from around the world!

I also started school this week. I had the wonderful privilege of serving in the US Navy for more than eight years, and so now I am happily using my educational benefits and taking classes, just for fun! This semester I chose to take several photography classes. I have never had any formal photography training (outside of high school) and so I thought it would be good to polish my skills. Aside from my one digital class, the others are very much film-oriented, and many of the students (and one teacher in particular) are very adamant about using film. I love film, always will, but right now it’s just too expensive (and not to mention time consuming!). Thankfully the teachers allow those of us who want to use digital, but they seem somewhat reluctant.

Being in this new environment really does seem like a “bizzaro-type” world. I have been involved in the computer-age high-tech social-networking world of digital photography for a few years now, and to be surrounded by people who dislike the digital age is very odd to me. I know they are out there, the “purists”, and I have nothing against them (although it does get old listening to the “film vs. digital” debate over and over). One day I’ll collect all my old darkroom materials and have my own lab in a basement … and even now it’s very tempting to do all of my classwork in film and print in the darkroom (if I could afford it) but I guess that, for now, I’m just more comfortable sitting in front of a computer. (But at least in the darkroom I don’t get sidetracked with Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.). ;)

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