Pay it Forward

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So, I decided that today would be a good day to mow my front lawn. So I get the lawn mower, weed-wacker, rake, broom, and blowy-thing and head on out. I get about half-way done, just after raking the leaves and doing the initial mowing, when my neighbors come by (who happened to be doing their lawn too) and was like “can I trim the edges for you?” I was like “do they look that bad! Okay, if you want to!” So he proceeded to trim the edges. Then, after he was finished, I started sweeping up the grass and leaves, but then they finished with theirs and started picking up mine too! I was like “no, it’s okay, I’ll do it!” But they just kept it up … they were so helpful … it was so sweet! So, I raked my other neighbor’s leaves from her yard to pay it forward ;)

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