This is now my best selling image on iStock, even though it’s been on the site the least amount of time (compared to my other photos). I guess it’s just that time of year! I actually took this photo a few years ago while sitting in the back of a limo on a tour of Christmas lights in Richmond, VA with Andrew and a bunch of friends. :)

I’m back in Hawaii now. It was nice to be home and visit with family again. It was especially nice to see my nephews, since they grow up so fast and I miss it all! Andrew is still gone, but hopefully will be home before Christmas. I expect work to be kinda crazy the next week or so, too … I “applied” for a new position at work and really hope to get it. I’m not sure what my chances are, so I’m really anxious about finding out, which might be sometime soon. I’m also attempting the marathon this upcoming Sunday, so I have a lot to be nervous about this week!

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