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I am going to build a small portrait studio in my house, after I talk to my hubby about it when he gets back, of course. I guess there’s not going to be much building, but more buying of lots of equipment. I’m already starting to save up to get what I need … I even have “clients” already willing to let me take some photos of them and/or their kids! I’m doing it for free, or in exchange for their signature on a model release so I can post the photos to iStock and try and sell them. I’m still new to portrait/studio photography so I’m going to use a lot of guinea pigs until I feel I’m well established. Right now it’s all I can think about … my brain is so obsessed with photo stuff right now I can hardly sleep without dreaming of taking photos! Ahhh! Well, it’s what I love to do so it’s not so bad :) Hopefully one day I can make it my “career” and do it full-time :)

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