It’s been a slow weekend for me. Andrew’s out again, so I have some time to myself. I was working 12-hour-mids the last two weeks, and so now I’m finally getting back to a day schedule. I don’t mind working those hours, but it sucks having a day off and being awake at those hours. Well, I’m back on schedule now.

I’m running in a 20k tomorrow (12.4 miles). It’s not too far from where I live so that’s nice … most of them are downtown or on the other side of the island. That’s probably the only productive thing I’ll do this weekend! Well, not if I can help it, I guess. I sit at my computer so much nowadays, getting photo stuff scanned and stock photos uploaded … I enjoy it but it takes up so much time. Too bad I can’t get paid for doing it yet ;)

(The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 1997.)