I just got my film scanner in the mail a few days ago, and it is sooo nice! I’m very pleased with it so far. It’s very odd scanning through old negatives … I usually only remember the few “good” photos, and never remember the ones that got tossed aside, so looking through them all is going to be very nostalgic. It takes about five minutes to scan a strip of 4-5 negatives though, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. (The photo above was taken in 1997.)

This weekend I went out and bought another computer too, since the one I have is super old and slow. I’m still gonna use both, just the new one will only be used for photo/internet stuff, and the old one will be used for everything else. It even comes with a feature called “LightScribe”, where I can “burn” a label on the CD/DVD. Very useful, especially for keeping my disks archive friendly :)