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Here’s a photo of my new car. I’ve been having a lot of fun driving it around. I’m really happy with the purchase so far … which is good since I’ll be making payments on this for the next five years :)

Work is going great. Last week was the first week of my new job within my building, and I really like it so far. It is such a change from my last job, which includes switching to “regular” hours and days, and now Ace and I are on the same schedule. (This is good cause we can carpool to work, since gas prices are soaring … it was $3.29 out in town yesterday, and only a little bit cheaper on base!) Hopefully I will be moving into a Navy leadership position soon as well, which I am looking forward to.

Andrew leaves for Las Vegas this week to attend our friends’ wedding — Jen Kidwell and Brian Schooley. I’m not going since I already have plans to take more than three weeks of leave in June. Well … at least I’ll get the house to myself for a few days to do some major cleaning :)

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