Today I took my dreaded language test. I don’t find out until tomorrow how I did, but I feel like I did alright. It’s hard to tell, though, cause I usually feel okay after that test but it doesn’t usually mean anything when I get the results. I even bought myself some pink roses to brighten my day and make me feel better, cause I’m real anxious about finding out my scores tomorrow. Oh well, I’m glad it’s over with at least! Now I can just relax and give myself a well-needed break from language for a few days :)

I’m down another few pounds from my “diet”. I feel so healthy and energetic … I can’t wait to see how I look in another few months! I can definitely keep this up. It’s so easy, and the rewards from doing it are so much greater than just eating my heart away to lardness :) Hee, hee, hee.

Tomorrow is the start of getting my teeth fixed. When I was 15 I broke out my two front teeth on an ice pond, and I’ve had them re-capped since I’ve been in the military, but I need to have them redone again. I can post photos of the before, during, and after if you want … maybe not the “during”, though … I look kind of scary with a metal rod instead of a front tooth when they have the caps off!

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