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Here are the final photos of our patio “before and after”. Ace and his buddies cleared out all of the old cement and dirt, and I helped him lay the sand and bricks. It was our first project together! We both think it turned out quite nice, especially for never having done anything like it in the past :)

Tonight Andrew and I are celebrating our anniversary … a little late. Our actual anniversary was last month, but with all of the patio-building and hectic holiday time, we decided to put it off until this month. It will be a wonderful evening of good food and wine (Santa Margarita Pino Grigio, to be exact) and then we are staying at a hotel downtown, since the drive back is around 30-45 mins.

Andrew just recently started a new blog, if you are interested. I have it posted on my links as well. Yay! He finally succumbed to our ways!

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  1. dpmclan January 14, 2006 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    Good stuff. Ace’s blog rocks my socks off:)

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