Today has been a great day. Ace is home (he got back on Monday), we had a good night last night (we saw the new Narnia movie and had some excellent Indian cuisine afterwards with some friends), and today has been a great no-work be-lazy-around-the-house kinda day. We got up real early, Ace cooked a wonderful breakfast, and then sat on the back porch for awhile. After much sitting around and doing nothing, we made a delicious lunch (pan-seared rosemary-garlic lamb chops with garlic-herb fried potatoes and a side salad, and of course a glass of chardonnay), and then sat outside on the porch again. That’s when I captured this photo of one of the many lizards that like to call our backyard its home. Ah, what a day. Christmas is just around the corner, my parents will be here soon to celebrate, and I only have three more days of work before I officially go on leave :) I can’t wait!