Yesterday I went on a hike with some of the people I work with. We hiked three to four miles, and saw some beautiful scenes! Since it was my first hike on Oahu, it was an eye-opener to see all the nature that this island still has. Most of what I see are roads, buildings, and pineapple fields, so it was good to see the more beautiful aspect of this island.Today I take my kitties to the vet for their check-up before they get neutered tomorrow. I feel so bad for the poor guys! I’m having them declawed as well, which I feel even worse for doing, yet I feel it is a necessary evil that must be done. They don’t wreak too much havoc on the furniture yet (though the furniture we have isn’t exactly nice), but I’m mostly concerned with the cats playing with and potentially scratching our future kids. I love my kitties so much (laugh all you want … if you don’t love animals you’ll never understand!) and I’d hate to have to get rid of them after we have kids. But I feel so bad for them that they have to go through all the ickiness of the surgeries.

Photo taken in Oahu, Hawaii and is Copyright Nicole Young, 2005.