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Andrew and I got home just a few days ago from our 11-day cruise of the Hawaiian Islands. It was so relaxing! This photo was taken at an island called Fanning Island … the MOST beautiful of all the islands we saw while we were on our cruise, in my opinion. All of the islands have their own unique beauty … Fanning Island was more like the type of place I tend to think of when going to a tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere :) We went hiking past waterfalls on Kaua’i, drove along the coast in Maui, and visited a coffee plantation in Kona. It was so much fun! Cruising is definitely the way to have a nice, relaxing vacation (especially if you like to eat!). I am kinda sick of old people, though. There is hardly anyone my or Ace’s age on those boats … sometimes it feels like you’re aboard a floating retirement community! Of course, that also has to do with the cruise line we sailed with.

Life after vacation is going quite alright, unless you count all the computer problems we’ve been having. Our desktop has some weird virus or something that’s not letting it work right, my laptop won’t let me load a new version of Windows in it to clear the HD, and I’m typing on Ace’s new laptop, since he had to get another one because his other laptop is fried. I love computers and technology, but it can be so finicky sometimes … you never know when you’re going to lose everything you had because of a small glitch. But I still love ’em ;)

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  1. Paul October 10, 2005 at 11:46 am - Reply

    We’re envious and happy for you guys. It’s good to hear when people take advantage of their station in life (pun intended) and enjoy God’s creation. That’s why God made it.Another great picture. You are talented.

  2. Angie October 19, 2005 at 10:03 pm - Reply

    Cool photo! Can’t wait to visit you guys some day (hopefully sooner than later)!

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