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I’m back to my blog, after way too long of neglecting it. Life has been very busy, yet enjoyable! Andrew’s brother, Jon, is visiting us right now, and it’s been great having him here. We’ve been trying to spruce up our house and get it closer to what we want, and so since Jon is here we finally got the guest bedroom mostly done. It has all the necessities, and I’ll add things like curtains and pictures after a while. This weekend we plan on taking on the grueling task of taking down the yellow-plaid wallpaper in the kitchen, and then adding some more color to the kitchen walls and the connecting room (I’ll be sure to post before-and-after photos when it’s all finished).

This photo is of my cat, Fuji. He loves sitting on that chair like that … my cats are so odd. I actually got some funny footage of my other cat, Kashi, and I sent it to AFV just for the hell of it … I’ve always wanted to do that! Ya never know …

Photo taken in Oahu, HI and is Copyright Nicole Young, 2005.

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