This photograph was one of my first attempts at lightning-photography, and it turned out being my all-time favorite photo that I’ve taken so far. This storm came right after the photo I took of the cloud in my previous post. I took the photo from my back porch in Lincoln, but if I were to take the same photo today, it would look completely different. They’ve built so many buildings back there, in what used to be only milo fields. There is a huge mall, some office buildings, restaurants … you name it and they’ve probably put it in my parent’s backyard. It’s not too bad having it there, since it’s convenient shopping and all, but you can’t see the starts at night anymore. I miss places like that. Hawaii is a small island, so I can’t just drive for miles out into the country like I used to back home, so I won’t be getting many lightning photos anytime in the near future … but plenty of shots of Hawaiian paradise, instead :)