My Top 20 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

I recently published an article showing some of my top 20 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. In this post I would like to complement it by sharing my favorite Lightroom shortcuts! One of the best things about Lightroom is the ability to zip around quickly to organize and process photographs, and using keyboard keyboard shortcuts makes even easier to simplify your workflow.

Free Lightroom Develop Presets: “Daisy”

I just released a brand-new FREE mini preset pack over in the Nicolesy Store! These presets are similar to each other but with subtle tonal differences between them. Click here to go to the product page and download the preset ... for free!

onOne Software for Food Photography (Plus a Free Preset!)

Just the other day, someone on Twitter asked me if I use onOne Software for my food photography. My answer was that yes, I do! The great thing about onOne Software's products is that they are fully customizable ...

Watermelon Fruit Salad: Behind the Scenes

It’s been one-and-a-half weeks since the movers hauled our stuff into our new home, and we are about 90% moved in. Unpacking my office is usually one of my top priorities (after the kitchen), but I will be having shelves added to my walls within the next month or so and need to wait for the space before I unpack my dishes […]

onOne Software Perfect Effects 8 is Free! (For a limited time …)

There's some cool stuff happening over at onOne Software. For a limited time, they are giving away Perfect Effects for FREE! Out of all of the onOne products, I use Perfect Effects the most. Seriously, go get this offer while you can :) ...

Using Lightroom to Select Lenses for Travel

Whenever I do any type of travel, whether it's domestic or overseas, I always joke that it's difficult for photographers to not look like traveling hoarders. After all, along with the standard luggage (for me, that's one normal-sized suitcase and a small carry-on), we also have our camera gear to deal with...

“Portland Matte”: A New Preset Pack for onOne Software

A new preset pack for onOne Software's Perfect Effects 8. Only $10 ... but save 20% with the code PDX20 (good through May 15, 2014).

Scratch the Itch

We all have it from time to time, a giant burst of inspiration and motivation that makes us jump out of our seats and create, make, or invent something. The moment when all of the stars align in our brain and you feel a tap on your shoulder and a whisper in your ear …. go do it! I live by this […]

My Top 20 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to post-processing a photograph, I like to work efficiently. I am definitely a fan-girl of the "work smarter, not harder" belief, and one way to do this inside of Photoshop is through the use of keyboard shortcuts...

A Fresh Set of Eyes

As we progress as artists, one of the most difficult things to master is the editing process. By "editing" I am not referring to post-processing, but rather the selection process of what photos we like and will print, add to our portfolio, or share online. Being a good editor means we recognize the good from the bad, which is more difficult when it is our own work...