Until Next Time, Thailand!

In just a few hours I set sail for the US and say goodbye to Thailand. I had such an amazing adventure with the ladies of The Giving Lens, and also got some really great photos along the way. It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m ready to go back … I have about 36 hours of traveling ahead of […]

My Food Photography Class is Now Online at KelbyOne.com!

I’m super excited to announce that my brand-new food photography class is now available over at KelbyOne.com! In the class I walk through several food setups to show you my process from start to finish. This is a GREAT course for food bloggers and anyone wanting to get started by photographing food in the comfort of their home, or […]

Treat Every Photograph Like it’s Beautiful

This is a photograph of laundry hanging near a street market in Thailand.
To some, simple laundry may not be beautiful, but the way the light graced across the fabric, and the colors themselves, made for a stunning scene.
We all have our own definitions of “beauty”. The color red may be bold, beautiful and invigorating to some, while to others […]

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Chiang Mai

I had a nice relaxing morning walking around Chiang Mai this morning after breakfast. One of my favorite things to do is just wander, find little alleyways and random places to walk down. I found this beautifully painted wall while walking down a narrow street ...
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I’m Off to Thailand!

Prae Roup Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia (November 2012)
This morning I get on a plane for the long journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have my bags packed and ready to go, including a new knitting project to keep me busy on the flight. I’ll be co-leading a workshop alongside Kate Siobhan for The Giving Lens, it should be a […]

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The Beauty of Imperfection

While out walking with my dog, I saw a bunch of little dandelions in the grass and couldn't resist photographing them with my iPhone. It wasn't until I had already taken a few photos of some of the other flowers before finding this one...
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    New! “Nicole S. Young” Lightroom Preset Pack at Craft & Vision

New! “Nicole S. Young” Lightroom Preset Pack at Craft & Vision

I’m happy to announce that I have a brand-new preset pack available for sale over at Craft&Vision! This preset pack includes 42 unique presets for Adobe Lightroom 5. The entire pack is only $10, and also comes with a PDF document to show each preset in-use. […]
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Urbex in Hawaii: The Sugar Mill

It's not very often that I allow myself the opportunity to photograph abandoned buildings. I'm the type who prefers to avoid the whole trespassing conundrum that oftentimes surrounds this genre of photography. However, when my husband and I had the chance to photograph this old abandoned sugar mill on the Big Island of Hawaii, we went in feet first! […]
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    Using Longer Focal Lengths to Compress and Blur Your Backgrounds

Using Longer Focal Lengths to Compress and Blur Your Backgrounds

The image on the left was photographed at 70mm, while the image on the right was photographed at 200mm (both at f/4).
Notice how the background appears to have moved “closer” to the subject with the longer focal length.
This article was originally published on Photofocus
One reason for using a telephoto lens (such as 100mm or 200mm) is to keep some distance […]

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Video Tutorial: Adding GPS Data Using Lightroom

If you want to save GPS data to your images but don't have a GPS device or camera that will automatically embed GPS data to your images, then why not use your smartphone? By creating at least one photograph with your smartphone (assuming it embeds the GPS data...
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eBook Poll: I Need Your Input!

As many of you know, I have started self-publishing my own eBooks and selling them in my online store. In the past, I have given my readers the option of viewing the eBooks either vertically, or horizontally. I'm considering making some changes to my layout, but before I do...
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Video Tutorial: Replacing a Sky using onOne Software

In this short video tutorial I show how to replace a boring sky using onOne Software’s Perfect Mask and Perfect Layers.
Find out more about onOne Software by clicking here.

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