Don’t Ignore the Ordinary

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Oftentimes when traveling to a photography destinations, I have a pretty good idea of the photographs that I will be trying to get. Whether it’s an […]

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Frozen Hot Chocolate: Behind the Scenes

Not long ago, I attended IFBC in Seattle. As a food photographer, food conferences are a great place to learn about the industry and network with other food bloggers. I don’t necessarily […]

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The Basics of Long Exposure Water Photography

Ever since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I definitely have had my fair share of photographing waterfalls. In fact, I became infatuated with landscape photography after realizing that I could, in fact, photograph something that was [...]

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My “Top 10″ Favorite Photography Blogs

I've been following a lot of photography blogs and websites for many years. The vast amount of information about photography on the Internet today is one of the main ways that I was able to [...]

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Five “Real Photographer” Myths

Are you a "real" photographer? Of course you are! If you love photography, regardless of your level of experience, then you fit the bill. However we have all seen, heard, or maybe even felt a little bit of dissuasion from other people ...

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Food Photography: Don’t Ignore the Background

When photographing food, I'm very particular about everything that goes in the frame. The tabletop, textiles, colors, and dishes all play a role to bring a the scene together. I typically set everything up ahead of time, even before the food is cooked, so that things are ready to go well ahead of time.

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Graduated Backgrounds with Product Photography

A few months back I took a pottery class here in Portland, and on the last day I brought in my camera to photograph some of the other students' work. I didn't want to go too elaborate with the setup, so I opted to make use of the beautiful diffused window-light coming into the classroom.

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Cyber Sale in the Nicolesy Store – 50% Off!

I’m having a weekend 5-Day Sale in my online store! Save 50% on EVERYTHING with the code CYBER50. Deal runs today through Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014. Stock up on presets and eBooks […]

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eBook Update … and a Sneak Peek!

I thought I would send out a quick update about my upcoming eBook, Step by Step with onOne Software. I’ve had a few questions from those of you who pre-ordered the Perfect Photo […]

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Quick Tip: Using Diffusers with Food Photography [Video]

In this short video I share a tip on a benefit of using diffusers to soften the light with food photography.

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Support me on Patreon!

Just this week I officially launched my brand-new page over on Patreon! I have been building my page for the past few months, and finally got my act together and published it. And I am so excited! ...

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Big Spring Creek Falls

Yesterday, Brian and I decided to get in the car and drive out to a waterfall. It’s been a while since I have done any landscape photography here in the Pacific Northwest, and let […]

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