A Fresh Set of Eyes

As we progress as artists, one of the most difficult things to master is the editing process. By "editing" I am not referring to post-processing, but rather the selection process of what photos we like and will print, add to our portfolio, or share online. Being a good editor means we recognize the good from the bad, which is more difficult when it is our own work...
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Photographers: Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Insured

Being a photographer, whether as a hobbyist or a professional, requires us to have gear. Much of that gear is expensive, be it cameras, lenses, tripods, and even some accessories. Due to the nature of our work, we will oftentimes be out-and-about with our camera equipment, which involves the risk of losing our gear, ...
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Reliving the Moment

The simple act of creating art is oftentimes all that I need. Even with the other crafty things I do, such as ceramics, the pure motion of forming the clay into something that is beautiful is all I need to make me happy. I also knit, and the reason I knit is to watch what I am making slowly become something usable, beautiful and soft. The moment of creation is what I live for ...
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Fire on the Mountain

During my recent trip to Thailand, co-leading a workshop with The Giving Lens, we had the good fortune of having one of our guides also know a thing or two about photography! So, for sunset, he drove us to a beautiful spot with a great view...
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Setting Copyright Information for the New Year

It's a new year, and for photographers and bloggers that means it's time to make a few updates! I have copyright information set on my blog, camera and in Lightroom, and sometimes that includes adding the copyright year as well. Since it is now 2014 then it's a good time to go through and update everything to reflect the change...
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Night Market in Thailand

One thing I love about traveling is the colors, smells, people and food of the night markets. It's just something you can't find here in the US, so I have to get my "fix" while I'm overseas. This was photographed over in Thailand just a few weeks ago during my recent trip to Chiang Mai with The Giving Lens. I had an amazing time, met some wonderful people, and had the opportunity to teach photography in person (something I rarely get to do!)...
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My Food Photography Class is Now Online at!

I’m super excited to announce that my brand-new food photography class is now available over at! In the class I walk through several food setups to show you my process […]

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Treat Every Photograph Like it’s Beautiful

This is a photograph of laundry hanging near a street market in Thailand.
To some, simple laundry may not be beautiful, but the way the light graced across the fabric, and the […]

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Chiang Mai

I had a nice relaxing morning walking around Chiang Mai this morning after breakfast. One of my favorite things to do is just wander, find little alleyways and random places to walk down. I found this beautifully painted wall while walking down a narrow street ...
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I’m Off to Thailand!

Prae Roup Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia (November 2012)
This morning I get on a plane for the long journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have my bags packed and ready to go, […]

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The Beauty of Imperfection

While out walking with my dog, I saw a bunch of little dandelions in the grass and couldn't resist photographing them with my iPhone. It wasn't until I had already taken a few photos of some of the other flowers before finding this one...
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Urbex in Hawaii: The Sugar Mill

It's not very often that I allow myself the opportunity to photograph abandoned buildings. I'm the type who prefers to avoid the whole trespassing conundrum that oftentimes surrounds this genre of photography. However, when my husband and I had the chance to photograph this old abandoned sugar mill on the Big Island of Hawaii, we went in feet first! […]
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