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Huge Sale for Photographers

Today and for the next five days, the folks […]

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Camera Bags: A Rant of Frustration from a Woman’s Perspective

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I’m a woman, and I like purses and bags. I am also a photographer, and so with that I tend to collect lots of cool bags. Yay, bags! […]

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Why We Should Stop Worrying About Other Photographers

Just a few weeks ago, I got up at the crack of dawn and went to Trillium Lake with a few other photographers, intent on photographing the sunrise. Soon after we got there, we […]

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Stop Feeling Guilty

Whether you are a full-time photographer or a weekend-warrior, there will be times when you take a break. Maybe the weather is crappy so you’ve stayed indoors, or you are immersed in […]

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Using Vinyl Backgrounds for Food Photography

Recently, Ink & Elm sent me a few of their backgrounds (free of charge) to try out with my food photography. I have used their product in the past and had posted […]

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Food Photography with the Fuji X-T1

Yesterday I set up the Fuji X-T1 for my first at-home food photographs. I have been carrying this camera around for the past few months and have used it many times to photograph my food at restaurants (mostly for my Yelp account), but this was the first time ...

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Latourell Falls

This has been an interesting summer. Brian and I moved to Portland in April to escape the always-warm and zero-cloud skies of the South Bay in California, and so far we have only had blue skies and heat here in Portland! Oh, the irony. Anyone who knows me understands how much I despise ...

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How to Self-Publish an eBook

Just a few months ago I just published my third self-published eBook, and I'm currently working on my fourth. My full-time profession is considered to be "photographer", but the "author" in me keeps growing and it feels like I spend way more time writing and creating ...

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Tips on Photographing with an Infrared-Converted Camera

I have been wanting to play with an infrared-converted camera for quite some time. So I contacted the folks at, one of the sponsors over on Photofocus, and was able to test out an IR-converted Canon 5D Mark II ...

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Processing an Infrared Image using Lightroom and Photoshop

I recently had the opportunity to play with an infrared-converted camera, thanks to the folks over at, and had a lot of fun photographing my dog at an expansive dog park just outside of Portland, Oregon...

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The Joys of Landscape Photography

Join me, Brian Matiash, Rob Sylvan and Randy Van Duinen in just a few hours for an online video hangout all about landscape photography! We will share tips, insights, planning, and more throughout the event...

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The “Creative Control II” Preset Pack – Now Available!

I am very excited to announce a brand-new product in my store, the Creative Control II Preset Pack! This pack comes with over 100 presets to use on any type of image and file type inside of Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR), and is a great way to refine a photograph ...

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