Purely For Enjoyement

Photography is a funny thing. We start doing it, fall in love with it, and never want to stop. I’ve been a photographer since high school, have traveled around the world with my camera, and I’m always plotting the next “big thing”. It’s exciting,

One of my other hobbies is pottery. I’m quite serious about it, and recently converted our […]

Tips on Photographing with an Infrared-Converted Camera

I have been wanting to play with an infrared-converted camera for quite some time. So I contacted the folks at LensRentals.com, one of the sponsors over on Photofocus, and was able to test out an IR-converted Canon 5D Mark II (they also have other types of IR-converted cameras available to rent as well) ...

Processing an Infrared Image using Lightroom and Photoshop

I recently had the opportunity to play with an infrared-converted camera, thanks to the folks over at LensRentals.com, and had a lot of fun photographing my dog at an expansive dog park just outside of Portland, Oregon. I ended up with some really great images, and wanted to share my start-to-finish processing steps with one of the photos to show some of the basics on how to process infrared images...

The Joys of Landscape Photography

Join me, Brian Matiash, Rob Sylvan and Randy Van Duinen in just a few hours for an online video hangout all about landscape photography! We will share tips, insights, planning, and more throughout the event...

The “Creative Control II” Preset Pack – Now Available!

I am very excited to announce a brand-new product in my store, the Creative Control II Preset Pack! This pack comes with over 100 presets to use on any type of image and file type inside of Lightroom or Photoshop (ACR), and is a great way to refine a photograph ...

Removing Glare with a Circular Polarizer Filter

When photographing water, it can oftentimes be a good idea to tame the reflections with a circular polarizer filter. A circular polarizer is a filter that rotates on the front of your lens, allowing you to cut through reflections in water and glass. ...

Lightroom Mobile for iPad & iPhone

Not long ago, Adobe released an app for the iPad. But with their most recent update to the Creative Cloud, Lightroom Mobile just got a whole lot better. Since the update, I have been playing with the apps on my iPad and iPhone, and wanted to share some of my findings.

Slow and Steady

Just a few days ago, I came home from a short stay at the hospital, where I had the pleasure of minor surgery to remove my appendix. It was about as pleasant of an experience I could have possibly had at the hospital, and I was even able to come home the evening after surgery...

GPS for Photographers

I share a lot of "behind the lens" photographs on my Instagram page, and one of the questions I get most frequently is "what's that thing on top of your camera?". The answer is that it's the Canon GPE-12, a small GPS device that sits on the hotshoe of my canon 5D Mark III. When turned on, it logs the information and embeds it directly into the metadata of my photograph, making it possible to view where each photograph was taken in software or on photo-sharing websites.

Perfection is Overrated

Art is an expression. We create things because we feel something inside of us that just has to make something, find beauty, and then sit back and admire it in all its glory. The most difficult thing about creating is knowing when to stop, knowing when your sculpture or photograph or painting is finished. In our eyes, we want it […]